Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Spent some time out in the rain last night working on the garden. We kind of let it go towards the end of last summer, so the whole bed of the main was just a mass of giant weeds. Between me and the hubs, we got about 75% of it ready for planting. The small garden won't require much to get it ready, just turning the soil over to get rid of the itty bitty plants sprouting from the birdseed kicked out of the feeder.

I'm a little bit concerned about a few of my perennials, though. I pruned back my butterfly bushes (one of the hummingbirds' favourites) last month, as I was supposed to, and there's absolutely zero signs of life - no new growth, no sprouting leaves, nothing. And the trumpet vines are just... dead-looking branches stuck to the bricks. I don't know if this is normal for these plants in early spring, or if their first winter in our yard took its toll on them and killed them. I guess only time will tell. :(

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