Sunday, October 23, 2011

Holy harriers, Batman...

We’ve had a fair number of Northern Harriers hanging around lately. In fact, yesterday afternoon we saw a pair of them in a mid-air battle with a red-tailed hawk. But just now, there were FIVE Harriers flying over the field adjacent to our yard. FIVE! I wonder if they live in family groups, or if they group together for migration…? But I think we had Harriers around all winter last year, so I don’t know if the ones around here actually migrate.

I really, really need to try to get some good pictures of these guys. They’re usually juuuust far enough from the house that they’re too far away to get a good shot with my 300mm lens. I need to keep trying, though, because they’re such beautiful birds. I just love them.


  1. I was fortunate enough to get a great profile shot when we were at Hawke's Cliff (just south of St Thomas)

    There is a couple times a year the Ministry allows the guys in the Tagging stations bring some specimens to the cliff and interact with people......My 4.5 year old got to hold a SharpShinned and release it to continue its journey South.......!

  2. Very jealous of your Harrier photo opp. I didn't come across that shot on your website. Are you on Flickr? I'd love to see your pics. :)

    What an experience for your little one, holding a Sharpie! Very jealous.

    1. I just started uploading on Flickr finally......getting a little addicted.....I'm in the Bird Nerd Herd....TasBurwell......